Farmhouse Malga Pié

Val di Fassa – Trentino


Our holiday farmhouse Malga Piè is in Soraga, a little rural village in Val di Fassa, in Trentino. From our farmhouse you can reach the most beautiful hiking and trekking locations of the Dolomites, ride your mountain bike, walk down the cycling route or you can spend your winter holidays.


Our rooms are all made with local wood grown in the forests of Val di Fassa. To let you breathe the nature around us, we brought it into each room. We used larch, Swiss pine and aged spruce to make our rooms unique.


We at the holiday farmhouse Malga Piè offer our guests a place where they can relax, enjoy nature and animals and recover a direct contact with the environment around us. To do that, in our wellness centre you can spend a great time giving a look at the nature we have outside our door.


Our holiday farmhouse Malga Piè is the perfect place to enjoy tasty and healthy snacks prepared with typical and natural ingredients. After a walk or a ride, come to Malga Piè, sit down and feel and taste the pleasure of good food.

Val di Fassa

Choose a green holiday in Val di Fassa. Choose our holiday farmhouse.
Soraga is a pretty and people-oriented village, far from the chaotic tourist resorts. Our holiday farmhouse Malga Piè is the perfect place where to spend reinvigorating days in the nature of Val di Fassa.


Our history

Erika Brunel, the owner of the holiday farmhouse Malga Piè, has decided to revitalise the country structure situated at the edge of the wood by giving life to an environmental-friendly holiday farmhouse in Trentino, which takes advantage from the renewable energy and offers 0-km products. But their story began almost 60 years ago…

For over four generations, the Brunels have ranched cattle for the production of milk. Our history began in the Sixties when our grandfather Ferdinando built a little malga with a stall, a barn, a kitchen and a little room called “refreshments” to welcome the people passing by.